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London 2012 is asking schoolchildren to nominate PE teachers to join the judging panel for the logo for the capital’s campaign to host the 2012 Olympics. How can they ensure that judges without a branding background inform rather than hinder the process?

‘Not all clients who commission major branding projects have the “right” background. A PE teacher understands the competitive quality of sport, the sense of achievement through success and these are values that I believe they can bring to the judging panel.’

Deborah Dawton, Chief Executive, Design Business Association

‘PE teachers cannot ensure they inform rather than hinder the process. It appears they will be one voice among many. The process adopted has made the creative endeavour a lottery so a few subjective opinions won’t make much of a difference.’

Simon Preece, Head of business development, Elmwood

‘London 2012 should have asked the art teachers to help judge the logo then the PE teachers would be free to help pick the athletics team. I assume it’ll ask geography teachers to help sort out the infrastructure and economics teachers to sit on the funding committee.’

Ben Casey, Director, The Chase

‘It’s great the bid is underway and we welcome inclusivity. The question is, would we ask designers to nominate their directors to teach PE for a month in London schools? Whoever the judges are, they must look for a logo through the eyes of the people that matter – the International Olympic Committee.’

Julian Grice, Managing director, The Team

‘To ensure the judges are “fit” for the task have them prepare a presentation on brand differentiation using David Beckham’s hairstyles as a case study. Then split them into teams, and have them build a matrix that unites “elite” with “inclusive”. And then finally make them stand in the cold rain for 45 minutes wearing shorts and reading Jan Tschichold’s Die Neue Typographie.’

Ned Campbell, Senior designer, Wolff Olins

‘The whole process is flawed with the only possible result being great PR and a crap logo. There is no way to ensure that the judges inform rather than hinder, but I doubt if the organiser actually cares.’

Frances Jackson, Creative director, OPX

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