Performing arts centre gets Spencer Landor ID

Spencer Landor has created an identity for the recently launched World Centre of Performing Arts, which will have bases in Surrey and Belfast.

Two former members of the Bolshoi Ballet, Yuri Grigorovich and Natalia Bessmertnova, have been appointed artistic directors. Graham Sheward, one-time managing director of Italia Conti, is behind the scheme and went to Spencer Landor for an identity, according to consultancy director John Spencer.

The identity reflects qualities that include “young, vibrant, professional, vocational, academic, experienced, forward-thinking and unique”.

The design sees the centre’s full name used, but with the emphasis firmly on the first two words. Corporate colours of red, blue, yellow and black can be used in a variety of combinations.

Spencer Landor has designed literature and will design further material during the next two years of the ú20m centre’s development.

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