Spice Girls reeelly wanna see ‘grand pricks’

What a crazy world Formula One racing is. At last week’s launch of the West McLaren Mercedes car’s new livery, designed by Fitch, the 4500 guests in London’s Ally Pally were treated to a surreal evening. West is a German cigarette brand, so the car was, naturally, unveiled by roller-skating youths. And Grandstand’s Steve Rider must have been paid a good whack to talk about what a forward-looking, dynamic tabs brand West is. Commentating on the paint job, Rider cooed: “It’s silver. It’s classy. It’s menacing. And it’s gorgeous.” Yeah, right. Gorgeous was a word best saved for the next attraction, the Spice Girls, who powered through both of their greatest hits before trying to see if driver Mika Hakkinen had his fireproof undies on. Asked which “Grand Pricks” they would like to see, the girls were unanimous in wanting to go to “Mon-ee-co”.

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