Elmwood loses two of its key players

Elmwood is facing the departure of two of its managing directors – London’s Don Landers and Leeds’s Jayne Barrett.

Landers, who joined Elmwood two years ago, has left with no job to go to and is believed to be pursuing a client-side position. Barrett, who is leaving after six years, says she will set up her own corporate development consultancy. Elmwood will be her first client.

Barrett will be replaced by Elmwood Edinburgh managing director Nick Ramshaw. The group is recruiting for the Edinburgh and London positions, though, according to Elmwood chairman Jonathan Sands, Elmwood may obtain the same skills by acquiring a small design group.

Sands says the group is also considering opening an office in North America, but denies that it’s current growth signifies that a sale is planned. ‘It will be at least another five years,’ he says.

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