Biker boy gets seriously cut up

It’s tough working at Seymour Powell. All that work. All those TV shows and public appearances – and you’ve got to be a biker to boot.

But it’s tougher still if you have a spill and have to run the gauntlet of your colleagues’ get well wishes.

Richard Seymour found it so a couple of years ago when he fell over the fridge and wrecked his shoulder. A cartoon, cutting the mighty biker down to size, was his reward from his work chums (Diary DW, 30 July 1993).

Now it’s the turn of Dick Powell, who had a tangle on his bike a couple of weeks ago, breaking a wrist and ankle in the process. The card penned for him by Big Rich indicates how he sees his partner’s role in the business. But it was enough to get “pretty boy” Powell out of hospital and back to work at breakneck speed.

Breakneck? Hope not. On yer bike, Dick, and speedily.

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