Ziggurat breathes life into packaging for Electrolux

Electrolux kicks off a European repositioning of its eponymous floorcare range next week with the introduction of revamped packaging for its premium vacuum cleaner brand, Oxygen, by Ziggurat.

The electrical appliances giant appointed Ziggurat to the six figure job without a pitch last September to overhaul the fragmented international identity, initially across 17 markets but anticipating that it will be taken up worldwide.

‘Each market has been doing its own thing, which undermines the positioning. It’s about consistency,’ says Ziggurat executive creative director Bernard Gormley. ‘The packaging was very commodity-based, very functional. Now we have made the benefits much more concise and clearer.’

The new look reinforces the message that Electrolux technology, such as its filtration system, helps create healthier homes. It will appear on all literature and merchandising.

Gormley adds: ‘It’s about acting and behaving as a brand leader, making an impressive statement at the point of sale.’

The new identity will roll out to floorcare accessories, such as car kits, dust-bags and hoses, as well as the mid-market and budget vacuum cleaners.

The next major relaunch is expected within the next two to three months. Some brands may be phased out over time as part of a rationalisation of the floor care range, Gormley suggests.

‘It is no different to what the likes of Unilever and Procter & Gamble are doing,’ he says. ‘Like a lot of companies, Electrolux is focusing on key brands that really do have equity and potential for growth, which is the exercise that we’ve undertaken.’

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