Easybroker trades on Design Bridge and Asylum

Design Bridge and Asylum have created an identity, brand guidelines and print collateral for multi-platform trading system, Easybroker, which launched yesterday (20 March).

The project is worth ‘just under £100 000’ in design fees, says Easybroker marketing director Scott White, the lion’s share of which has gone to Design Bridge.

Easybroker is aimed at a business-to-business market and is designed to enable financial institutions to trade equity in over 70 stockmarkets worldwide through different media, including the Web.

Design Bridge created guidelines for the on-line trading system as well as the orb-shaped identity itself. ‘It was vital to get the brand guidelines sorted early on,’ says White.

The identity is an abstract white globe representing access to the world’s markets from a single point, according to a Design Bridge spokeswoman.

Easybroker’s website, www.easybroker.com, features a huge amount of content such as news feeds and data analysis and Design Bridge’s challenge was to make the information easily digestible, White says.

Asylum has initially designed two promotional brochures, incorporating an embossed version of the logo, and is also creating stationery.

All the design work had to feel contemporary and credible enough to reflect the nature of Easybroker’s business, White adds.

Design Bridge won the identity work following a ‘fiveor six-way’ pitch, which included Asylum, in May 2001. The literature work pitch was won by Asylum in May against two unnamed rivals.

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