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Charles Wells is preparing to launch Banana Bread Beer, which is aimed at females (DW 14 March). How appealing do you find beer brands created specifically for women and why?

‘Some women don’t drink beer because of the taste, some because of its (masculine) image. The ones who do, do so because of its taste and image. A beer brand aimed at women has a tough job to do to convince non-beer drinkers that it’s not beer, and beer drinkers that it is. The transparency of the ‘marketing’ undermines the credibility of the proposition.’

Amy Bridgman, Creative director, PI Global

‘Is it the taste or the shape of a banana that women will find appealing? I find the whole idea of creating a beer aimed specifically at females rather patronising and slightly unnecessary.’

Frances Jackson, Creative director, OPX

‘Androgynous branding is more attractive. One thing is the size of the bottle because where beer is concerned, size really matters. Big is not beautiful for female beer drinkers. And on the issue of flavoured beer, the flavour must be complementary rather than overpowering. After all, if you are buying beer, you definitely want it to taste like beer. Having said that, I’m curious and I’d probably give the Banana Bread Beer a go.’

Tamara Williams, Creative director, Parker Williams

‘”Real beer for real women”. If the desire is to get women to drink beer then the focus shouldn’t be on gender, but on emotional reward. The sector needs to leave laddishness and old geezer territory behind. It should look at taking a more androgynous approach. Beer for the ladies sounds patronising, although personally, I like to stick to a dry sherry of an evening.’

Allison Miguel, Creative director, Ziggurat

‘Beer is for lads, Babycham is for ladies. Don’t mess with the forces of nature.’

Harriet Devoy, Creative director, The Chase

‘Like all consumers, women are tired of being told. We need a valid choice. Successful brands of recent years have an androgynous image, for example Absolut and Smirnoff Ice. Even the latter’s overt advertising to men does not seem to have affected its female advocates. More women at the top of male-dominated categories might give the sector a well-needed kick in the groin too.’

Beverley Law, Director – consumer branding, Tutssels

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