Little Buildings; Sam Haskins; Andy Warhol: The Factory Years 1964-67

A presentation of furniture designed by architects of the 20th century can be seen at Little Buildings until 13 November.

Venue: Purves & Purves, 80-81 & 83 Tottenham Court Road, London W1.

New work by photographer Sam Haskins will be displayed until 27 November.

Contact: Alaoui Booth PR on 0171-404 1007.

Venue: Focus Gallery, 43 Museum Street, London WC1.

Andy Warhol: The Factory Years 1964-67, from 26 October until 5 November, is a collection of photographs by Nat Finkelstein. The exhibition coincides with the publication of a book of the same name published by Canongate Books.

Venue: Pentagram Gallery, 11 Needham Road, London W11.

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