Burger King orders a Fitch identity

A new Burger King identity and restaurant format on trial in Orlando, Florida, will be phased into the UK over the next few years.

Fitch Design in Manhattan created the new look, which includes the refreshed “bun halves” logo, exteriors, interiors, packaging and uniforms. The trial follows three years of consumer research.

Burger King is also overhauling its US Drive-thru restaurants, which account for 50 per cent of its revenue. The menu boards and communications units have been redesigned. Clear-view bags are also being introduced.

A Burger King spokeswoman in the US says: “Our franchises need a bit of updating. The new logo marries the colours of our heritage with a contemporary new look. What is learned in the US will be applied to our UK market. There may be some newer modifications as appropriate.”

She adds that the identity will be rolled out as new stores are built and existing ones refurbished, but that it is too soon to say when it will reach the UK.

A Burger King statement says the logo redesign incorporates more dynamic lettering, bursting out of the buns with everything set on an angle to suggest motion and dimension. A blue crescent is added around the bun halves.

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