The family history of this site is a touch complicated. But the story is that Webcontent is part of the Webmedia group and builds web sites around ‘cool and exciting subjects’ for sponsorship, according to Wencontent’s development director Sam Michel. To date, Webcontent has built Movieweb, and today sees the formal launch of Comedy Web.

While the first site is focused on the Edinburgh Festival’s fringe comedy offer – Michel says Edinburgh’s fringe is like the comedy industry’s trade fair – the site will continue beyond the life of this year’s fringe.

The logo has been designed by freelance Mark Goddard to a brief devised by Michel and Webcontent’s senior content producer Matt Logan, who both compiled the site and are responsible for maintaining it. Sponsorship for the site is from East Coast Railway and Polygram division Vision Video.

Pages include a comedy competition page featuring Radio 4’s competition details, which makes use of the BBC Light Entertainment department’s jester head logo.

Individual icons, created by Webcontent designer Peter Fagerdal, have been designed for the hotlinks, but the logo is the only thing which will stay the same when the site is redesigned in autumn. ‘Everything else will be radically different and the site will contain much more information,’ adds Michel.

Design for the site has deliberately been kept to a minimum of colours and the simplest of images. ‘It has to be quick and easy to download, and user-friendly – we’ve concentrated on audio, and kept the graphics very simple, but accessible,’ says Michel.

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