Animal beauty gallops ahead

Groomers, a new brand which aims to become “the Body Shop of the animal world” in four years, is launching with packaging by London consultancy Sonicon.

Shampoo, hair de-tangler and cod liver oil products will be unveiled at BETA International, a horse trade event this week. Bubble bath and even eau-de-cologne will follow.

The products will be sold in Boots and pet shops Pets at Home and Pet City, and through French and Swedish pet shops.

Sonicon participated in a free creative pitch against a print company, according to David Grimes, managing director of animal toiletries firm Groomers Marketing.

“We’re filling a niche in the pet-care grooming market, from stick insects to horses, and we want the products to jump off the shelves and sell themselves,” says Grimes. Owners of horses, dogs cats, and rabbits are currently being targeted.

“We wanted to find images with a film-type effect, showing animals in harmony with their environment,” says Sonicon senior designer Jimmy Adams. “We wanted them to look as good as products humans would buy for themselves.”

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