Design institute set for Copenhagen

The former academic director of the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea in Milan, Heather Martin (pictured, left) and associate professor Simona Maschi (right) are joining forces to launch an institute of interactive design in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The centre will include a school and research lab, which will focus on design and technology. The interaction design masters degree will comprise courses on tangible and product interfaces, graphical and screen interactions and service design interactions. The research unit will provide consulting for clients and be used to stimulate profit for the centre. So far, a working title is the Institute for Interaction Design Europe, but this could change, says Martin.

A feasibility study to investigate the workability of such an institute is being embarked upon next month, and the results will be presented to the Danish government in October. Martin says she would like to see the institute up and running by next September.

It has not yet been decided if the centre will be a new-build development or where it will be located, but Martin and Maschi say they will develop the interior design and branding themselves. If successful, other centres could launch.

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