Alfresco style by Muller Kneer for The Terrace

Celebrity chef Patrick Williams is launching his first solo-venture, a British-Caribbean restaurant, The Terrace, with an interior scheme designed by Muller Kneer Associates.

The restaurant, a pavilion- style building, is located in one of London’s oldest squares, Lincoln’s Inn Fields. It is due to open at the end of this month and will seat 120 people. Birmingham consultancy Ricemedia has designed the restaurant’s identity.

The interior concept draws inspiration from the square’s wooded surroundings, says Olaf Kneer, director at Muller Kneer Associates.

‘We wanted to connect with nature and create the feeling of being outside. This is reflected in our use of natural materials. We were impressed by the location in this beautiful park and designed something to bring nature’s elements inside,’ he explains.

The consultancy has created bespoke abstract graphics that will run across two walls. Based on photographs taken of the surrounding area, they are designed to give the effect of looking up at trees, says Kneer.

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