Carry on in the Middle East

This crudely doctored photograph came into DW’s possession in a brown paper wrapper via dubious means (ok, it came in an envelope through the post).

It appears to show one Marcello Minale (right) cunningly disguised as Sheikh Me Gnarly, although his legs, which would have provided damning evidence, are out of the shot.

With him is a veiled attempt at cross-dressing, though no doubt the subject in question will be a mite bit cross if his identity is ever uncovered.

What can it all mean? Is Minale Tattersfield doing some deep, undercover research in an attempt to crack the Middle East market (DW 10 February)?

The original, undoctored picture was allegedly taken at the opening of the Minale Tattersfield office in Kuwait, which appears to resemble a poolside equipped with lifebelts and sun loungers. A stroke of luck, eh?

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