Historic Scotland’s old look was down to me

I was interested to read EH6’s news (DW 27 January) on the remodelling of Historic Scotland’s identity and was pleased to see that it had not been greatly changed.

I am curious, however, to find out where the design consultancy got the idea that the original image was designed in-house some five years ago.

May I now put the record straight. I was responsible for the original design and that must have been at least 12 – 13 years ago when I ran the design studio at Woolward Royds Advertising, an agency that has long since been gobbled up in the take-over fever of the 1980s.

I would also like to congratulate EH6 on the choice of colours. Unbelievable as it may seem, these were the colours I recommended way back then, but they were rejected in favour of blue and gold.

Harry Griffiths


HG Design Consultants



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