True version of Dyson shop visit uncovered

Your “anecdotal evidence” is totally untrue (Diary, DW 3 February). I have never broken or attempted to break a competitor’s product in any shop.

I presume the story arose when a large department store in Bristol was reported to be “switch selling” Dyson customers to a German machine on the basis that the German machine’s plastic was better. The Dyson customers happened to be a relative and a friend.

Analysis showed that the German machine was, in fact, made of polyethylene. Polyethylene is cheap, has a poor finish and breaks. The Dyson is made from polycarbonate and ABS. These cost four times as much, look good and do not break.

I decided to visit the shop. I was given the same sales talk by the shop manager. Namely that the German machine used better quality plastics. I informed the manager that I was mr Dyson and that, in fact, the German machine used polyethylene, whereas the Dyson used ABS and polycarbonate. He invited me to make a presentation to the staff. When I did so I invited the staff to hit the Dyson as hard as they liked with a hammer, which they did.

I do not go around smashing or maligning competitors’ products.

James Dyson

Dyson Appliances



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