Profile: Jason Bruges

Jason Bruges brings a human element to architecture and interiors, using cutting edge technology to bring interactive life to inanimate spaces. Just don’t describe him as a lighting designer.


Nowadays, it would be difficult to find a designer who didn’t claim to be inspired by Josef Müller-Brockman. But it wasn’t always the case.

Marsh and Malone joins in gay chorus

The London Gay Men’s Chorus is planning to embark on a raft of design-led initiatives to boost awareness of the organisation. The charity, which seeks to fight prejudice through its


The decision to name Hilary Cottam as Designer of the Year has raised the question about what constitutes a designer.


Degree shows: Chelsea College of Art & Design Degree Show 05, featuring design communication, interior and spatial design and fine art among other areas continues until 27 June.

D&AD gives graduate talent a route to jobs

D&AD is launching its first graduate placement scheme to provide a structured route for employment and allow design consultancies to tap into an ‘accredited’ pool of talent. The initiative has

The others

The Design Museum’s Designer of the Year has proven to be a controversial choice, but who would our panel of top design talent choose instead? Hannah Booth finds out

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