IBH Europe parades a new troupe for Kia Ora

Orange squash brand Kia Ora is being relaunched in new packaging designed by IBH Europe, with structural design input from Planet Design.

The second largest brand by volume for its owner CCSB, Kia Ora is largely a UK brand but also sells in what IBH Europe deputy managing director David Myerson terms “niche” markets abroad, such as Malta.

The brief centred on developing Kia Ora’s positioning not only as a squash for kids but also generating a quality perception among parents.

Myerson says: “Kia Ora is a typical example of how the perceptions of a brand can be driven by an old advertising campaign that has stuck in people’s minds. The Kia Ora troupe of characters is fondly remembered, but in packaging terms there was very little to support this.

“Part of our objective was to re-create and contemporise the troupe in a way that could help build a unique brand personality.”

The original brief, for what is IBH’s first project for CCSB, had no structural element, says Myerson. But concepts by IBH included structural work and the board decided to pursue a structural change.

Because Planet had experience of the CCSB production systems, it was brought in to work alongside IBH on the structural design, adds Myerson.

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