Rank multiplies Odeon cinemas

The Rank Organisation is to open 20 new multiplex cinemas over the next five years, all with new architecture and interiors concepts by Dry Butlin Bicknell.

The Richmond consultancy has been given “a wonderfully open brief – to give Odeon the advantage over its competitors”, according to director George Butlin.

There was no pitch, as Dry Butlin Bicknell has worked for Rank for 15 years. “All aspects of film viewing, such as retail opportunities, cafés, bars and the possibility of memorabilia sales, will be addressed,” he says.

Dry Butlin Bicknell does not expect to be designing all 20 cinemas in detail. “We’re responsible for the concepts and the pilot scheme, but the work might be shared,” says Butlin. Rank has yet to pick the pilot site.

Butlin plans to take Odeon multiplexes away from the Art Deco look “most multiplexes are going for. It needs to be a twenty-first century chain”.

The logo will not be revamped. The consultancy will commission freelance graphic designers to work with its in-house team on signs and print work.

“We’re designing for multiplexes, but some aspects may be incorporated into existing Odeon cinemas,” says Butlin.

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