A source of inspiration, not force fed nonsense

I’m appalled by the opinions in Martin Rutter’s letter regarding the Designers into Schools activity run by the Design Council.

Young people should be encouraged at school and if designers going in schools makes it more interesting, so be it – shake up the lessons, set a few ‘real’ projects and give ‘real’ advice, making school more enjoyable for a week.

It doesn’t mean they’ll all automatically follow a career in design, and even if they choose to enter an ‘overrun’ industry it will be three years at least before they ‘enter’ the profession (probably as a junior) after studying their chosen subject at college/university, which Rutter plans to close down. By this time the ‘industry’ may change and there may be jobs aplenty.

However, there may not be jobs aplenty, but we as experienced designers we can give career advice so young people can make their own choices.

They need to be inspired to be successful at whatever career they choose and if some designer can do that for a week, I’m all for it.

April Kent


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