Sport watches on to a winner

Thanks to London product design group Nick Griffin Associates, Far Eastern consumers are just about to get yet another lifestyle gadget to while away the time. The Time-Out trio of ‘sports’ watches are geared for active life – the Dive Timer for underwater use, Race Timer for cyclists and Athletic Timer for athletes.

All are functional watches, designed to be robust yet elegant and featuring ‘full circle’ LCD analogue displays. Each incorporates special dials appropriate to the relevant activity. For example, the Athletic Timer (pictured top) has an enlarged minute counter in the centre of the watch face.

According to NGA director Nick Griffin, manufacturer Kishobi had decided to diversify into watches before it brought the consultancy on board. The project started with a brainstorming session which identified ‘active lifestyle’ as a starting point.

NGA has gone for a style that is ‘as clean and uncluttered as possible’, says Griffin. He was keen to get details such as the recessed buttons at the side of the clock face right, and to make each one fit its purpose. The Dive Timer (pictured middle) is thicker, but can be read underwater to depths of 300m.

The watches go on sale in the Far East this month, retailing from between 60 to 100.

Designer: Nick Griffin Associates

Client: Kishobi

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