Chicks dig deep but can only find designer charm

It’s official: ‘Hef’ and his bikini-clad playmates have had their day – designers are the new international men of mystery, says this month’s Vogue.

Leading the jet set are graphic designer Peter Saville and product designer Marc Newson – self-made players oozing with that ‘cool cachet’.

Why these two? Newson’s Aston Martin is a plus, and his ‘killer flat’ in west London (which he designed himself) is guaranteed to send women overboard. His style is ‘Milan meets Bondi beach, which the chicks always dig’.

As for Saville, it is allegedly not unusual for him to greet business guests to his loft/ office in a ‘Hefneresque bathrobe’, and the Playboy charm, he says, can be ‘flicked on and off like a light switch’.

So if designers are the new international playboys, who are the new designers? Answers on a postcard.

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