The Golden Section seals identity project

Norwich design group The Golden Section has created two new corporate identities which will be launched during the next month.

The first is for Marine and Industrial Sealants, a company marketing products to the marine and leisure industry. The two-part logo, which is being implemented across stationery and packaging, consists of a sail-like shape, reflecting movement and the nautical nature of MIS, and a limpet, “which was adopted for its reputed adhesive qualities”, according to creative director Terry Symonds.

“The main identity is two-colour, with blue as the dominant element. This is then used as the key colour on various labels, with the second colour identifying the individual products. This helps both staff and customers with product recognition, and pulls together a previously visually fragmented range,” he adds.

The Golden Section’s second new marque is for London property developer Wyncon. The brief was for a “well mannered classic, but current feel that would appeal to top level financial people”, explains Symonds.

This was tackled by taking two inverted triangles and positioning them to suggest that one had been cut out from the base material and positioned partially over the resulting hole to form a graphic W.

Symonds says: “This could be interpreted as building and excavating – the two major functions required in property development.

“A classic sans face and application of a subtle shadow to the various elements completed the logo,” he adds.

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