Naf Naf to reopen UK stores with Metropole

French clothing company Naf Naf is to open ten new retail outlets in the UK during the next two years, as part of an international rebranding project.

The corporate revamp, which will be implemented during the next six months, has been designed by French group Metropole. It will include a new logo, frontages and interiors and aims to combat a slump in sales over the past two years.

“We are seen as selling big unisex sweats with lots of colours. But we have much more feminine clothes to compete with companies like French Connection,” says Naf Naf UK company manager Anne Honoré.

In addition to refitting outlets in France and the UK, shops in Spain and Belgium will all be redesigned, and the chain’s first Greek store will be opened.

Although Naf Naf previously had seven UK shops, the past three years have seen massive cuts, leaving just one London store in King’s Road, Chelsea. Honoré adds: “We closed five UK shops three years ago and another one in November, leaving only the King’s Road store. But it has proved that it can work, even without a refit.”

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