Gibson trumpets Horn’s 25-year anniversary

Esteemed record producer Trevor Horn is to celebrate 25 years of work by releasing a ‘greatest hits’ compilation CD, with sleeve design and logotype by Gibson.

To coincide with the CD release on Horn’s own ZTT Records, a line-up of Horn-produced artists will perform a concert at Wembley Arena in November, organised by ZTT parent company SPZ and in aid of the Prince’s Trust.

Horn’s musical credits include the ‘Age of Plastic’ album by The Buggles, which features the number one single ‘Video killed the radio star’. He has also produced tracks for Frankie Goes To Hollywood and the Pet Shop Boys, as well as Band Aid’s ‘Do they know it’s Christmas?’

Gibson’s artwork will feature on the CD sleeve, tickets and posters for the concert and on an accompanying book written by Horn to chronicle his work over the years.

SPZ wanted a simple, iconic design, says Gibson creative assistant Ollie Korn. ‘The [idea] we will develop uses iconic Trevor Horn imagery of headphones and glasses. The headphones cable will form the words “25 Years”.’

The first use of the Gibson artwork will appear this July to promote the Wembley concert.

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