Will the credibility of the design team at BBC Broadcast be affected by the corporation’s sale of the division? And if so, why?

‘BBC Broadcast’s design team already has an excellent track record for creating work for external clients and I don’t think its competitiveness in the marketplace will be affected by being privatised. I think that the credibility impact could be affected by what new commercial goals will be set by the new owner – will the owner’s history and market position dictate the type of work created? How much investment in staff and technology will continue? Will not having to justify the licence payers’ money make a difference? Losing broadcaster status can also have enormous impact on creative standards, because the dynamics of production and the support system change dramatically. But will BBC Broadcast lose its credibility? Hopefully not. Only time and the work created will tell.’

Ania Markham, Producer, PostPanic (Amsterdam)

‘It all depends on how the new company behaves following the sell-off. I have a good relationship with many individuals involved and see no reason why that should change. If the new owner cannot keep the key creative personnel and maintain the levels of pride in their work that the BBC staff currently have, then credibility will eventually suffer.’

Gary Szabo, Creative director, Red

‘BBC Broadcast has some good designers who know their stuff, so I don’t think its credibility is the issue. The real question is if, as a result of the sale, there are redundancies, who is going to pay for them? The buyer, or the good old licence payer who has footed the bill so far?’

Graham McCallum, Director, Kemistry

‘I don’t believe that credibility is linked to a sale or purchase when it comes to design. Credibility is based on the work that has been done and will be done by the individuals that are part of that division. You could argue that giving BBC Broadcast “independence” is a sign that it is strong enough to survive and prosper as an entity in its own right. I wonder more about how the team will make use of the credibility it already has in its new status and the difference in management style that will follow. I look forward to seeing how it all pans out.’

Marco Giusti, Creative director, Video Networks

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