Nowicka Stern wires FrameStore

Nowicka Stern is redesigning the interiors of post production and animation house FrameStore, which has expanded its office space at its headquarters in London’s Soho.

The work, scheduled to finish in mid-July, involves a complete fit-out of the recently acquired, 840m2 first floor. FrameStore has occupied the ground floor since 1995. The fate of the ground floor mural created by Javier Mariscal remains undecided.

The consultancy has created a spiral staircase connecting the two floors and designed furniture including desks and seating, while the interiors are based around the concept of a circuit board.

Nowicka Stern founder and creative director Marta Nowicka says, “FrameStore works in a high-technology, highly creative industry. The circuit board design represents the clarity of the organisation, the graphic information and the interiors. Everything is clear and concise.”

FrameStore acquired the additional space to accommodate its increasing staff numbers. The first floor will be occupied by 100 employees.

Nowicka Stern won the work via a “threeor four-way credentials pitch”, according to Nowicka. It was appointed in May last year.

FrameStore worked on the BBC series Walking with Dinosaurs and is currently working on the next series, Walking with Beasts (DW 9 February).

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