Hotel employs Intro guerrilla tactics

Intro has designed a print-based ‘guerrilla marketing’ campaign, breaking at the end of the month, to promote an £8.7m new-build resource centre for the Liverpool-based Foundation for Art and Creative Technology.

It is the first time Intro has been tasked to work on a broader design and advertising project. It has created poster designs for 12 ‘culturally intriguing’ facts that will be used as teasers for a three-step campaign to catch the attention of a young, ‘media-savvy’ audience, says Fact marketing and communications manager Susie Reynolds.

‘It’s an underground approach and we want to build up a relationship with our audience,’ she adds. ‘Different typographical styles will be used to express different facts. There’s a mix of font types and sizes – you have to look closer to read the details because we want to create some level of interaction.’

The specifics of the content remain under wraps, but the aim is to be ‘witty and provocative’, says Reynolds. Subjects will be relevant to art, film and creative technology and Intro art director Mat Cook has created the look of the campaign.

The Fact centre, designed by architect Austin-Smith Lord and due to open in February 2003, will house three cinema screens, multimedia resources and a gallery space dedicated to exhibiting moving image and new media artwork.

Intro won the work following a seven-way pitch involving design consultancies and ad agencies in July.

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