On The Face of it, design doesn’t rank creatively

November’s edition of The Face (you remember, style magazine that was big in the 1980s) features a list of The Top 50 Most Creative People In The World – in CAPS for emphasis, you understand.

Apparently, creativity is the new celebrity, now that Big Celebrity Pop Survivor Academy has left us all feeling rather nauseous.

But where – among the photographers, promo directors, garage rock stars and, er, Justin Timberlakes of this world – are the proper designers?

Yes, there are games designers, fashion designers and magazine designers (alas, no Ivan Cottrell – shurely shome mhistake?).

Even anti-Hoxton stencilist Banksy gets a look-in. But as for graphics, product and interiors heroes? Zip, nada, nothing, no show.

C’mon guys and gals, you’d better write and complain. Or get a better PR.

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