Springetts turns to synaesthesia for new Gü look

Springetts has eschewed “conventional food photography” with its new designs for the dessert brand.

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Springetts has created new packaging for dessert brand Gü, basing its designs of the concept of synaesthesia – a condition where the senses can be joined together.

The consultancy says it ditched the “conventional food photography” route in favour of visual inspired by the sensations of eating the Gü desserts.

Springetts creative director Paul Williams says: “We tasted each dessert and wrote down the words and feelings the desserts created in our mouths including colours, shapes and movement.

“These descriptions were then translated into the ‘synaesthesia’ inspired visuals for each flavour.”

Springetts says it was briefed to create a “distinctive” new look for Gü, which launched in 2003. The consultancy adds: “Gü had become counterfeited by ‘me toos’ globally, having led the way in premium desserts.”

“The simple current design no longer gave them the distinction on shelf they once enjoyed and, in a more competitive market, failed to convey the unique experience of the Gü brand.”

Springetts says that with the new design: “Each creation’s ignition point starts at Gü and bursts outwards to create each unique flavour sensation.

“Explosions of pleasure that create a distinct and unique visual language for the Gü brand and engage with consumers by offering far more than conventional food photography.”

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  • Harrison Reed May 2, 2016 at 9:08 pm

    I feel like I really should like it… But they all look the same, you could so easily pick up the wrong one – big mistake not putting a product shot on the front.

    What the old design did was really sell temptation with the moody, uber premium food shot that you could almost taste. It’ll be interesting to see how this shift in Gu’s attitude from temptation to this ‘synaesthesia’ swirly overworked photo-shopped thing actually translates into sales.

  • erika clegg May 3, 2016 at 10:09 am

    I like these. They rather remind me of the homepage of the website Spring created for Booja-Booja whose brief was that they wanted it to feel like eating one of their chocolates http://www.boojabooja.com/. Synaesthesia is a lovely next step.

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