Barr Gazetas finds ‘social heart’ of office

Software advertising agency Fox Parrack Fox has moved to new offices designed by Barr Gazetas. The 465m2 space is located on the top floor of a 1950s building in central London.

The architect, which won the job after a three-way unpaid creative pitch, was briefed to avoid the monotony of standardised partitions and develop a creative atmosphere for the 35 staff and their clients on a budget of 200 per square metre.

The space is divided into six sections, using the kitchen as a pivotal focus or “social heart”, big enough for staff to have creative meetings and relax. A glass block shape surrounds this space and glass block walls have been used to divide the cellular offices.

Stripped metal fire doors have been relocated to provide a focus to the meeting rooms and corridors are defined by boards sporting work for clients.

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