In defence of Business Links North West

I am very surprised by EDR’s letter (DW 12 January) concerning Business Links in the North West. What it suggests is unrealistic and I can find no evidence to support the accusation.

An active Business Link design support group is flourishing. This brings together all the design counsellors in the region with professionals from many design disciplines. The group also provides networking to the main design organisations, including the Manchester Design Community (MDC), the Chartered Society of Designers North West and others locally and nationally.

The aim is to ensure that all those concerned with design in Business Links have excellent design data and resources at hand to enable them to give the best advice and support to their clients. In addition, the group helps create initiatives to educate businesses as to the importance of design.

Evidence to date shows that we have begun to make an impression, and the Business Link design network is developing well.

Geoff Allman


North West design support group, Manchester M1

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