ASHA consultancy to sell Easter-themed educational toy

The branding, corporate identity and campaigning consultancy Arthur Steen Horne Adamson is to begin selling its own Easter product called Eggventure Beads, which are plastic eggs filled with beads that tell the Easter story to children.

Eggventure Beads aims to help parents guide children through the Biblical story, as well as making it more interesting and fun.

The consultancy is shipping 20 000 units in time for mid- February and says it has already signed up The Church of England to purchase 15 000 of the educational toy.

There are two varieties of eggs, the shiny ‘gems’ and the ‘tribal’. Inside each egg are 21 beads, which each represent a part of the Easter story.

These go on to a thread to create a bead bracelet, while a booklet tells you about each bead and the part it plays in relation to Easter, from Shrove Tuesday to Good Friday to Easter Day.

Additionally, there is a sticker for each bead and a calendar to stick them on to mark the progress, and the eggs can be turned into money boxes

Activities for each bead are included inside and a website by ASHA full of downloads will go live in mid-February.

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