Orbit Elite

Kinneir Dufort has designed a trackball, the Orbit Elite, for office products and computer accessories group Acco, which will be marketed in Europe, Asia, Canada and Australia. The Orbit Elite features a rubberised, easy grip palm rest and ‘touch and illuminate technology’ to make the ball ‘come alive’ when touched, says Kinneir Dufort designer Christopher Kilbane, who worked on the project with designer David Cottle. Ergonomic considerations were also important, he says, as the product needs to provide comfort and accuracy for users, combined with a dynamic aesthetic form. Illumination plays a key part in giving the product a space-age feel and making it exciting and appealing to the target market of 16to 35-year-olds, adds Kilbane. The trackball will be available in both wire and wireless versions and will retail at £19.99 and £29.99 respectively.

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