COI under fire over roster plan

The Central Office of Information has come under fire from applicants to its new brand consultancy roster, for failing to inform them about the outcome of applications, despite banking a £94 submission fee.

One design group’s managing director, who wishes to remain anonymous, describes the situation as “bizarre stuff”, having been canvassed by the COI in June to apply for a position on the roster.

“There was a substantial amount of work required to prepare the submission, plus a demand for £94. We delivered all that was required by the due date and our cheque was cashed three days later,” he explains.

Although the group received a letter of apology from the COI in August, it is yet to receive notification as to whether it was successful in its application.

“You expect them to have the common courtesy to inform applicants of the outcome within a reasonable period of time, especially when they pride themselves on communications,” adds the managing director.

In its original letter on 30 June, the COI said framework contracts would be in place by September. But the agency claims to have experienced delays.

“Everything is taking longer than we thought it would, but it will be sorted out pretty soon and people will then be informed,” explains a COI spokesman.

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