Coley Porter Bell redraws Jameson identity

Coley Porter Bell has created a new ’contemporary’ but ’traditional’ visual identity for Jameson Irish whiskey’s outer packaging.

The consultancy was appointed without a pitch a year ago, due to its existing relationship with Jameson brand-owner Pernod Ricard.

Stephen Bell, creative director of Coley Porter Bell, says Jameson approached the consultancy following its work on the ’brand world’ identity for sister brand Chivas whisky.

Nick Blacknell, Jameson global brand director, says, ’In order to build an iconic global brand we needed to convey a consistent and distinctive visual identity.’

Bell says, ’The client needed a really flexible identity to bring the brand to life. The key things are smooth taste and Irish character – we wanted to give it some dynamism.’

The identity uses a device based on brand founder John Jameson’s signature, which appears as a triptych in shades of green.

Bell says, ’When we looked closely at the signature we thought, “He is the Irish character” – it seemed natural. We didn’t use it in the traditional way – it’s big and is cropped to give it spontaneity.’

The new identity will be applied to all Jameson outer packaging and marketing collateral. The consultancy also created brand guidelines for using the identity to create a ’brand world’ for events such as bar sponsorships and retail promotions.

The new identity will begin rolling out next week.

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