The One Off works on Kickers retail concept


The One Off is working with shoe brand Kickers to create retail designs inspired by the Kickers Hi Top boot, which will be used in shopping concessions.

Kickers’ brand-owner Pentland invited the consultancy to pitch on the strength of its work for Speedo, another Pentland brand.

’We’re looking to strengthen Kickers’ ties with independent distributors,’ says consultancy managing director Adam Devey Smith, who will work closely with the graphics team at Pentland.

Graphic and 3D concepts are now being explored using the ’DNA’ of the Hi Top, says Devey Smith, who adds, ’We looked at the triple stitching and the kick back ark of the shoe front and took it apart.’

All Kickers shoes have a red dot on the left sole and a green dot on the right. This colour system will be used to delineate the left and right zones of in-store displays.

The use of Kickers ’building blocks’ is being explored to help brand the areas selling children’s footwear. ’People love Kickers, but we need to find ways of creating a noticeable presence,’ says Devey Smith. Graphic applications using acrylics and etchings – ’perhaps on translucent materials’ – will help create this presence, says Devey Smith.

The work will roll out in six to eight weeks.

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