Factory ignites Ronson’s range of cigarette lighters

Factory Design has created a range of cigarette lighters for manufacturer Ronson, which are scheduled for launch in about a month’s time.

Called the R-Range, they form part of a wider design project for Ronson, worth a five-figure sum. The lighters incorporate windproof ‘turbo’ technology, featuring a platinum coil that re-ignites if the lighter is blown out.

Factory’s work for Ronson includes the launch last month of two disposable ranges: the Slyda range of child-safe lighters; and a collection of windproof lighters, called Turbolite.

The R-Range is designed to be longer lasting than the Slyda and Turbolite lighters and not be disposed of after one use. Lighters in the range are refillable and designed to be higher quality than throwaway lighters.

Research by Factory, in conjunction with south London consultancy Design Alliance and Ronson, has revealed that the throwaway end of the lighter market is growing and people no longer give lighters as gifts, according to Factory managing director Peter Tennent.

The R-Range is being launched to provide ‘premium, disposable’ lighters created to last longer than one use, but not as long as a traditional Zippo-style metal lighter.

‘Our aim was to re-establish Ronson’s reputation for well designed contemporary products that are relevant to the market and that consumers want to buy,’ says Factory creative director Adrian Berry.

The R-Range lighters are manufactured from a combination of metal, rubber and plastic in four different designs and are available in a variety of colourways.

The designs include a kidney bean-shaped lighter, an ellipse design, a flat-bottomed ‘torpedo’ lighter and a lozenge-style lighter.

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