Diesel powers up interiors revamp

Diesel plans to overhaul the interior design of its King’s Street outlet in Manchester next year, as it opens its redesigned store in London’s Covent Garden today.

Diesel interior design manager Michele Trevisan says the store designs will not follow a single concept, but will be adapted to suit each location. ‘We try to maintain important elements, such as the jean store and the cash areas,’ he adds.

The Manchester and Covent Garden stores are among the oldest in Diesel’s 12-strong estate and were in most need of a refit, according to a company spokeswoman.

The Covent Garden outlet is housed in a listed building, restricting the scope for modification. According to Trevisan, the interiors make use of the building’s existing details by exposing the original brickwork.

‘We have changed the staircase’s design, while leaving it in place, and opened a wall to create another space that is dedicated to accessories and shoes. We wanted to give value to the original building.’

‘Vintage, wardrobe-style’ female fitting rooms and a ‘denim wall’ concept will also be installed at three-floor, 345m2 store.

Trevisan runs an 11-strong team of interior designers and architects, based in Diesel’s headquarters in Molvena, north-eastern Italy. Company founder Renzo Rosso meets with this team ‘periodically’ to discuss design and brand developments.

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