Lambie-Nairn works on “non-linear” BBC series

Lambie-Nairn has created the identity and developed the look and feel for Story of Now, a new “non-linear” 20-part series from the BBC.

Fronted by Idris Elba, the Story of Now is a digital series that, according to the BBC asks “how did we arrive at this exact point in time?”

It comprises a series of five-minute interviews with experts covering subjects such as art, evolution, culture and language.

These films can all be accessed from the central platform at and watched in any order.

Other features include subtitles that feature keywords that can be clicked on for viewers to see more content.

Film-maker Simon Chu, who directed the series, says: “When you take a subject as vast as the story of our existence, clearly there is no single overarching narrative

“[The result is a] viewing experience that is not linear in the traditional sense – a straight line from A to B – but much more of a personal journey within a web of ideas.”

The series has been produced using technology created by video company TouchCast, while Lambie-Nairn has created the identity as well as the visual interface for the series.

The interface is based around a series of interconnected spheres, which the viewer can navigate to watch films about different topics.

Lambie-Nairn executive creative director Adrian Burton says the look-and-feel aims to provide “a revolutionary new means to consume content”.

Burton adds: “It’s broadcast reinvented – a simple non-linear narrative controlled by the viewer that is more akin to surfing the web that simply watching the box.”

The Story of Now is hosted on the recently launched BBC Taster website, a hub for the broadcaster’s “experimental” content.

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