Tarmac identity under review

The Tarmac Group has appointed Sampson Tyrrell to review its corporate identity. The exercise is expected to include a full redesign of the seven Ts logo, unchanged since its creation in 1964 by Design Research Unit.

Sampson Tyrrell was appointed after a three-way credentials pitch against Lloyd Northover Citigate and Wolff Olins, says chairman Terry Tyrrell.

The Tarmac Group, which covers quarrying, house-building and construction, had a total turnover of more than ú2.6bn in 1993.

Sampson Tyrrell is investigating “a range of issues” relating to Tarmac’s image before developing the identity. Tyrrell admits the Ts logo “has a lot of strong values attached” and says he would be surprised to see it go completely.

Tarmac Group chief executive Neville Simms says: “We have gone through a period of re-focusing on core activities and are developing new areas of business as part of a strategy for growth.

“We are now looking to project our combined strength as a group with a clear, focused identity that reflects our authority and intent both in the British market and internationally,” adds Simms.

The new identity is due to be launched in 1996.

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