New sci-fi television network visual identity takes a “personality-first” approach

US creative studio Loyalkaspar has created a new logo, typeface and on-screen designs for Syfy.

Loyalkaspar, Syfy identity

New York and LA-based agency Loyalkaspar has worked with NBCUniversal to create a new look and feel for Syfy, an American television channel specialising in science fiction, fantasy, horror, supernatural and reality shows.

The new identity comprises a redesigned logo and custom font, as well as a range of on-screen graphics and animations. According to SYFY, the channel launched the new identity as part of its aim to become “an all-encompassing outlet and ecosystem for genre fans across the spectrum,” and wanted new branding that more succinctly articulated its new vision through an “editorial first” approach.

Loyalkaspar, Syfy typefaces

The new look aims to embrace various sci-fi styles, using bold yellow-green letterforms against a black backdrop. The typefaces Syfy Bold and Syfy Sidekick were designed for the project in various weights, and are used throughout for website copy, app text, stings and other applications.

Loyalkaspar executive creative director Daniel Dörnemann says: “With SYFY shifting its focus to a round-the-clock spotlight on all things genre, the convergence of strategy and design became the centre of the network’s POV.

“It was a ‘personality-first’ approach, editorialising through voice and messaging and also giving the brand a clear visual voice. We created a simple, consistent system that incorporates extreme flexibility to let the message take centre stage and drive decisions.”

Loyalkaspar’s designs are seen across all touchpoints including linear, digital, social and experiential platforms.

Loyalkaspar, Syfy identity
Loyalkaspar, Syfy identity
Loyalkaspar, Syfy identity
Loyalkaspar, Syfy identity
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