Bricks gong shows mortar Barlows than meets eye

Whoever said journalism was all free lunches and scurrilous innuendo? ‘Sheffield-based interiors specialist Barlows has won a prestigious award in the Asda Bricks Awards Ceremony,’ one turgid press release begins.

‘The aim of this second annual Supplier Awards Dinner is to celebrate the success of the 2002 Asda Stores Development Programme and reward high achievers within the consultant, contractor and equipment supply base.’ Zzzzzz.

Apparently, Barlows is a ‘nominated Bundling Supplier’ for Asda, established in 1875, still family-run and now in its fourth generation. Hark at sales director Colin Tivenan (pictured) and, beside him, Geraldine Broderick, the very model of a modern managing director.

Inspirations to us all.

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