All agree on unification of paper companies

John O’ Brien (Letters, DW 20 October) makes many valid points about my (implied) contest with Mr Placca (DW Paper Supplement, September).

The national – and more reprehensibly – the trade press, seems hell-bent on fomenting disagreement where there is none.

Mr Placca and I agree on a number of issues and we both have vested interests. I could wish, indeed, that the British Waste Paper Association would join the British Wood Pulp Association, the Paper Federation et al in sponsoring that excellent and responsible body, the Pulp & Paper Information Centre (Tel: 01793 887468: Fax: 01793 886182). The PPIC is only too happy to answer designers’ questions factually and truthfully.

Andrew McWhirter

Northern Pulp Shippers

Bourne End

Bucks SL8 5SF

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