All the news that’s fit to partner

ALL of that new-fangled arty design stuff is all right in small doses, but what people reeeally reeally want is nothing more than good old-fashioned information smacked down in front of ’em.

Or so The Partners has discovered with its thrice-yearly publication. The latest issue, for Spring 1995, has evolved from a dinky origami-type little folder to a no-nonsense newsheet called The Newsheet.

“The Newsheet has been redesigned to take account of adverse comments on the format,” says an article which – according to a spokesman – “wasn’t meant to go in at all”.

Apparently clients had complained that the folder was “too fiddly” for them. They wanted a straightforward throwaway newspaper, thank you very much. No frills, even from a design team.

But will the clients dare use it to wrap fish and chips in, or for cat litter afterwards?

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