Dissolving breast implant breaks mould

A revolutionary new non-silicone breast implant is poised to make major inroads into the European silicone breast market, with packaging by London consultancy Dialog.

Trilucent is manufactured by Swiss company LipoMatrix. It is launched in the wake of worldwide criticism of silicone breast implants, known to be harmful if they break after insertion.

Trilucent dissolves without internal damage if this occurs, according to LipoMatrix chief executive Dr Terry Knapp.

As the only radiolucent breast implant available, the Trilucent can be penetrated by a mammogram, like a natural breast. Knapp points out that neither silicone nor saltwater implants, the only other types on the market, can do this.

Selling direct to hospitals and surgeons, it will be used for both cosmetic and surgical purposes.

Dialog’s Switzerland office won a credentials pitch against Swiss consultancies. “We were looking for a consultancy which would be sensitive to a controversial product,” adds Knapp.

The packaging “had to overcome negative publicity around breast implants”, explains Dialog senior designer Sue Douglas.

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