CPB hits the cutting edge

Obviously, when the female designers at Coley Porter Bell came to choose a part of a male model’s anatomy for shaver packaging, they had to restrict themselves to a facial feature.

In the end, the women plumped for chins. Only after lots of research with attractive boys, of course.

Ian Philpott shot the grins and lead designer Ruth Waddingham set about conveying the idea of ‘hassle-free shaving to let you get on with your life’.

CPB found that existing packs concentrated on product function rather than brand values. Since the project was to create a new pan-European brand identity for Remington’s electric shavers range, there was a perceived need to create some brand values for the Remington name.

Creative director Allison Miguel says: ‘The design focuses on the end benefit and results in a very strong shelf impact. This is the first time design has been used effectively to create a convincing brand identity in this sector.’

The new packaging will start to appear in the UK and across Europe next week.

Design: Coley Porter Bell

Client: Remington

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