Design Studio unveils work for photographer

Design Studio has created a website and book for London-based photographer Esther Teichmann.

Design Studio began working on the project in August 2009, having met Teichmann while collaborating on an issue of independent arts magazine Centrefold.

Teichmann briefed Design Studio to create a website that reflected her working methods. She says, ’I wanted something multilayered that I could shift and grow with, with a sense of work in progress. I wanted a balance between looking clean and being able to display a lot of material.’

The look and feel for the website and the book have been inspired by Teichmann’s sketchbooks. Both feature fictional writing, reference images and sketches, and use minimal typography with no fixed grid layout. Design Studio partner Paul Stafford says, ’We are used to working with a structured grid system, so breaking that to be more free was a real battle.’

The website (pictured) features images of Teichmann’s work that move position as the user navigates around the site. The only static element is a central menu, which changes colour to reflect different topics.

The book, called Drinking Air, will initially be published by Moore as a limited-edition run of 200 and is due to launch in June. Teichmann says, ’For the book I wanted to produce a visually exquisite and colourful product, a jewel-like object.’

The colour palette for both the book and the website has been taken directly from Teichmann’s photography, and features human and muted tones.

Stafford says, ’It’s different working for a client with such a rich amount of work to use. It’s great work, it shouts and does its own thing. We wanted to be sympathetic to that.’

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