Kugel secures a flexible identity for MyClubWorld

Kugel has created an identity, website and marketing literature for security software provider MyClubWorld for a total fee of more than £135 000.

Launched this week, the identity is intended to work across all of MyClubWorld’s applications, from on-line credit card validation to a CCTV system that gives bar and restaurant owners video evidence of discrepancies in takings. It will be visible at point-of-sale to deter potential fraudsters.

Kugel won a three-way credentials pitch back in June. ‘We volunteered to show some creative work,’ says Kugel director Jan Richter. ‘The design we presented at the pitch finished up being the final identity the client chose.’

The brief was to create an identity to appeal to blue-chip corporates without seeming too IT-focused. It also needed to reflect the diversity of the client’s activities. Richter says, ‘MyClubWorld wanted to look innovative, but established, not like some fly-by-night technology company. It has cutting edge products, but it is also in the security business.’

The identity is derived from mobile phone ‘cells’, suggesting coverage and a security net, Richter explains. It is ‘scalable’, so that it can work on a WAP phone display as well as on print material, and has been made available in a variety of formats, from digital to a black and white image.

The fee for the identity was ‘in excess of £50 000’ and ‘around £60 000’ for the Web design. The literature job was worth ‘about £25 000’, Richter adds.

Kugel is working on e-mail templates for MyClubWorld. ‘We are developing typefaces that will be user-friendly in e-mail systems,’ says Richter.

‘Often when you send an e-mail the printed logo is lost because it’s in the wrong format. We want to bring consistent branding to the company’s e-mails.’

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